Curing PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) 


Canadian winters can be tough on bikers. Months of no riding  and longingly looking at your parked bike can take its toll.

If you’re like me you probably spend the off-season with your head buried in motorcycle mags, online articles, or in a deep hole of YouTube videos dreaming of warmer weather and getting back on the road.

Here are a couple of ways we cope with the PMS and pass the time until we can get back in the saddle.

Motorcycle Shows 

Living in Ontario we see 3 motorcycle shows roll through town each off-season and they are a great opportunity to get out, see old friends, make new ones and find some inspiration for the upcoming riding season. We love checking out all the new bikes and gear as well as just being able to talk bikes with like minded people. There are always new clubs and lots of ride and rally info to get you stoked for the season, not to mention the deals on gear.

For you Ontario riders check out these upcoming shows. Not in Ontario? Most shows in the offseason are a traveling motorcycle circus so hop on the ol google box and find a show near you.

Toronto Motorcycle Show
Motorcycle Spring Show

Work on your bike! 

There’s no better way to pass the time and feel connected to your bike than working on it. Use the off-season to really get to know your ride, whether its basic maintenance or the never ending job of adding to fast and or look cool parts! Even simple tasks like oil changes will help you understand how things work and give you a sense of pride in your machine.  If you’re not sure about tackling projects many cities have co-op or membership style garage spaces offering classes, advice and community to help you learn the basics or take on your first custom build. If you’re in the Toronto area check out for more info.

Trip Planning 

Carly and I love to spend time pouring over maps and looking for new rallies or rides. Having rides and moto events to look forward to really helps deal with the PMS and it’s a great excuse to get together with riding buddies, cracking a few beers and talking motorcycles. You don’t need to be planning a trip around the world (although we wish we were) we swap ideas on anything from day trips to weekend rides, cool roads we want to check out to long distance trips. Find something to keep your stoke level at 💯. It’s really about inspiration, as we prefer to travel without much of a plan, with motorcycles we find that no matter how cool the destination it’s usually the journey that makes the trip.

Here are a couple of events and rides we’re looking at for 2017. Let us know what you’re planning this year and maybe we’ll see you out there!

The Moto Social
Georgian Bay Run
Freedom Machines Show
The Bad Ride
Hogs For Hospice

Cool Moto link of the week

Here’s a link to check out for some rad motorcycle photography and culture to help with the winter blues #TheMotoFoto

Merry Christmas!!


#MerryChristmas to all our family, friends & followers! A quick jump ahead in the time line to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays from Cairns. It was a balmy 33 degrees here today (December 24th) and we spent our day on the beach, a little different than I’m used to in Canada thats for sure! We fly to Brisbane tomorrow to be with family and are looking forward to seeing everyone. A special wish to all our friends and family in the Toronto area, we hope you as all safe and warm. #WanderingWinters #Australia #Honeymoon


Australia – The Adventure Begins

Being back in Australia has been incredible so far, for Carly it’s always great to be home and for me there has been a real sense of familiarity after our brief visit last year. Seeing family and old friends has been amazing for both of us and we’re still humbled by everyone who came to share the day with us in Manly for the Wedding celebration. I must mention the night before the Aussie wedding party we met some of the family at the Waterloo Bay Hotel for “tea” (Australian for dinner). The Waterloo Bay Hotel seemed to be no different than any other pub, a restaurant section with a nice outdoor seating area, a gaming room aka “pokies” with video gaming machines etc. but I was wrong! Carly’s uncles were insisting that I come to the other bar to get a drink with them, already having a beer I was confused but it seemed important so I followed them to the other room. I had been to a few pokies joints before and I still didn’t get why I had to see this one. It turned out that it was Thursday which meant topples servers! NOW I got it, the brunette working was certainly worth walking to the other bar for, cheers gents! Gambling, sports and servers in nothing but a g-string! Australia, what a country.

After the party on the 29th our focus switched to gathering gear we needed for our road trip and of course finding a vehicle, an essential part of any road trip. We had been checking a number of websites that backpackers use to post vehicles in Australia spending most of our time searching the listings on Gumtree We ended up finding a number of potential vehicles all listed at Southside Auto Auctions located in the Brisbane suburb of Underwood, so drove down for a visit. On our first trip we found a great looking Mitsubishi Pajero AND it was a turbo diesel! After chatting with Mark from the sales team about the process and additional costs (registration, government fees etc) we put in an offer of $4,000 to the owners. Our offer was accepted! However after a closer mechanical inspection the old Pajero didn’t live up to its looks. Mark was extremely helpful and understanding we wanted to get moving as soon as we could said to give him a few days and he would find the right vehicle for our trip.

We hitched a ride with Carly’s brother Luke down to the Gold Coast for the weekend to relax and enjoy a little luxury before living out of a tent for the next few months. Carly’s mother had sprung for 2 nights at Jupiters Hotel & Casino in Broadbeach, just south of Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise is a bit of a tourist trap and a little busy for us but still a cool spot to visit and the hotel was great. Being up at Broadbeach is a little more relaxed and the beach itself is beautiful. We had plans to surf the days away and enjoy nice dinners out on the town, however after a busy couple of weeks and 2 weddings we decided to spend our days strolling on the beach and that’s about it. In fact the second night we ate in our room and watched Shark Week until we passed out! Sounds a little lame I must confess but it was brilliant!

We returned to Brisbane Monday afternoon and popped into Southside to see Mark. After a quick walk around the yard we found a couple of trucks that might fit the bill. Keeping in mind the areas of the country we are visiting there were certain things we had to have, like 4×4, decent ground clearance, ample room for us and gear and bull bars. The bull bars really are essential as we’ve been told driving as many miles as we are NOT hitting a kangaroo is unlikely (really hoping we can avoid this). After narrowing down the list with mark we decided to put in an offer on a 1989 Toyota 4Runner, a little older than we wanted but it had low Km’s, was in great shape and had just about all the features we were after. We were able to talk the owners down from 6k to $4,100.00 and after three long days of waiting for mechanical inspections etc. we had our chariot! If you’re looking for a affordable vehicle in the Brisbane area we highly recommend both Gumtree and specifically Mark from Southside. To make the day even better we popped into Sideways Surf Outlet and after a little negotiating with Carly I was able to buy a new surf board! Being the giant I am I opted for a 7’6 mini mal which is a slightly shorter version of the classic Malibu style long board. If you’re in the market for a new board at a great price or for any surf gear check out Sideways! It’s a discount surf shop with incredible prices on everything you need from clothing to boards. I got the board, fins, a board bag, ankle leash and sure wax for $400! A new truck and a new surf board in one afternoon, now that’s my kind of Monday!

Having the extra days in Brisbane worked out well as it gave us time to get all the gear we needed and allowed us to catch up with some friends from Banff who are back in Oz. We went out to the Sushi Train for dinner with friends Carla and Drew on Wednesday night, it’s actually scientific fact that everything tastes better when it arrives to your table by train! It was an interesting experience as I have never been to a restaurant where you can BYOB, but this was the case at Sushi Train and the staff will even put your beers in the fridge for you!

We picked up “Tanner” the Toyota on Friday afternoon and rushed home to pack up. In the excitement to get on the road we overlooked the fact that it was not only a Friday afternoon but it was the last day of school before summer break for the kids and we payed for this oversight but fighting brutal traffic trying to get out of the Brisbane area! It was slow going but we were finally on the road and loving it, wrong side of the road and all!

Our next post will include Brisbane to Rainbow Beach, Ewan’s first Kangaroo in the wild, Agnes Water and more!

Be well and chat soon!






Our Favourite Riviera Maya Beaches

Freshly pressed!


Carly and I have been visiting Tulum and the surrounding areas of the Riviera Maya yearly for the past 4 years and have done our best to see as much as we can. There is so much to see and do I know we will be visiting this region for years to come. In today’s post we will share a small list of some of our favourite beaches in the area. There are many great spots to relax, swim and catch some rays but these top our list.


We’ll start with beaches as this is the reason most of us from colder climes visit this region of Mexico. You can find beautiful beaches from the hustle and bustle of Cancun all the way down to the quiet out-of-the-way town of Punta Allen on the southern tip of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve. Our favourite beach on the Yucatan peninsula…

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Our wedding!

Well we did it! After all the fun fun that comes with planning a wedding in another country, wrangling 70 guests from multiple continents, and then during the longest wet season in Mexico for years, praying it doesn’t rain on the wedding day, WE DID IT!

having some fun after the ceremony

having some fun after the ceremony

wedding party bw

Wedding party black & white

group colour

All 70 of our wonderful friends and family who made the trip

sunset hacienda

Sunset at the Hacienda Dona Isabel – Gran Bahia Principe

We chose the Riviera Maya region of Mexico for the wedding as we have spent a great deal of time travelling the region and it has become a very special place for us. We hosted the wedding at the Gran Bahia Principe Akumal and the resort and all its staff were INCREDIBLE! Our wedding planner Eugenia Palacios made the entire process stress free even when we felt things were moving on “mexican” time. It was a perfect day for a white wedding and Carly and I couldn’t have been happier. We asked all our guests to wear shades of white as a part of Mayan wedding traditions and it made for a beautiful bunch of people if we do say so ourselves!

A huge thank you to our travel agent Jane Ricks from Laking & Rhoades Travel in Barrie Ontario, Canada for taking this on and making our lives leading up to the event stress free.

For great information on the Mayan Riviera and the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico our check our friends 

More soon!

Ewan & Carly