We are Ewan, Carly and Jaxon Winter, a young family with insatiable wanderlust, a passion for the outdoors and exploring. Carly and I are constantly looking for our next adventure and are now turning our truck into an Overland rig!

This website was started in 2013 and the idea was to travel blog a little about our wedding in Mexico, but mainly our 3 month honeymoon traveling around Australia in a 1989 Toyota 4Runner. The trip was incredible but as it turns out trying to blog while on your honeymoon is a TERRIBLE idea.

From there our lives back in Canada became very motorcycle centric and we started to write a bit about our two wheeled adventures. Fast forward to 2020 and we now have a young son so moto travel is off the table for a while, but as the #OverlandBound community will tell you “adventure is necessary” so we have now shifted our focus to turning our 2014 GMC Sierra into an Overland rig and we have some big plans for the next year or two… or three.

We have done a lot of vehicle dependant travelling together around North America and Australia over the years and have been lucky enough to have a number of great trucks and Jeeps but this will be our first proper RIG build.

Bare with us as this space and our social media pages are in transition mode. We will be posting details of our rig build, gear and travels here. We love being on the road and meeting people so reach out and say hello and maybe we’ll see you down the road. social media.

Ewan Winter

Dad, Driver, reacher of things up high

Ewan grew up in Ontario Canada, an avid outdoorsman with a passion for the environment, travel, music, motorcycles and Mexican food….ok all food. Growing up camping, canoe tripping and “taking the scenic route” with his family has led to a life spent in search of adventure.

Favourite piece of kit: GSI French press “coffee is life”.

Carly Winter

Super Mom, Navigator, Runner of things

Carly grew up in Queensland Australia, childhood camping and 4wheel driving trips instilled a passion for the outdoors and travel. Carly has spent most of her adult life travelling / living around the globe until settling down in Canada with Ewan in 2009.

Favourite piece of kit: Yeti 20oz Rambler “Porque Margaritas”

Jaxon Winter

Director of entertainment & awesomeness

Jaxon was born in 2018 in Washago Ontario. He’s into anything with a motor, animals and exploring. Also a super good dancer.

Favourite piece of kit: Camping Chair “gaa gaa goo”

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