Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival 

Mark your calendars moto folks, Toronto is getting a motorcycle film festival! September 29-30, 2017 the Revue Cinema  which is a cool venue all on its own will play host to another rad Moto event. 
 It’s so great to see the growth of the motorcycle community in Toronto and across Canada in recent years and this event is sure to bring out lots of great people to celebrate the machines we all love. 

The festival is looking to showcase the best narrative and documentary motorcycle films and is open to submissions from anywhere in the world. If you’re a film maker or think your GoPro / Moto Vlog game is on point you can submit your film for inclusion in the festival. Submitions are due by June 30th. 

We can’t wait to see what films are announced as part on the line up and will definitely be checking this event out. Maybe a pre festival ride/meet up is on order?? 

Hope to see you out there


Cleveland CycleWerks to Manufacture Motorcycles in the U.S.

If you’re not familiar with Cleveland CycleWerks, you should be. Established in 2009 Celevlands founder Steve Colosimo set out to build bikes in the U.S. but after being shut down by multiple manufactures he looked to China to get his bikes built.

The company has done well in overseas markets with a number of models being produced from the 110cc FXx and FXr dirt bike – mountain bike crossover


to my two favourites the Heist (pictured in the feature image of this post) a super rad little 250cc custom bobber and the retro inspired Misfit.


The company’s website recently posted a press release  stating that they have started the process of manufacturing motorcycles in the U.S with a currently unnamed partner that “has many years of U.S. manufacturing experience in metal manufacturing and metal fabrication”. Although I can’t confirm this, I have heard from sources that the partner in question is Bruce Belfer who was trying to resurrect Erik Buell Racing. There is also chatter of larger displacement models rolling off the assembly line however there are no dates saying when that will happen . All of this will lead to better dealer support and customer service and I hope that will mean more access to these super cool value brand motorcycles in Canada and the U.S.

I admittedly hadn’t heard of Cleveland CycleWerks until a few years ago. I was in Australia visiting family and was spending my mornings in Brisbane hanging out at Rocker Classic Motorcycles / the Ton Up Cafe. They were just down the street from Carly’s parents place at the time and they had a couple of Heist’s that they’d done some custom work on and I was instantly drawn to these super rad little bobbers despite the selection of super cool cafes and other classic bikes. If you’re in the Brisbane area I highly recommend a visit to Rocker, there are rad bikes, burgers and beer, it really doesn’t get much better!


Cleveland CycleWerks Heist at Rocker Classic Motorcycles in Brisbane  

We will definitely be keeping our eyes on things at Cleveland, and if you’re looking for affordable and easily customizable bike you should too.


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Curing PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) 


Canadian winters can be tough on bikers. Months of no riding  and longingly looking at your parked bike can take its toll.

If you’re like me you probably spend the off-season with your head buried in motorcycle mags, online articles, or in a deep hole of YouTube videos dreaming of warmer weather and getting back on the road.

Here are a couple of ways we cope with the PMS and pass the time until we can get back in the saddle.

Motorcycle Shows 

Living in Ontario we see 3 motorcycle shows roll through town each off-season and they are a great opportunity to get out, see old friends, make new ones and find some inspiration for the upcoming riding season. We love checking out all the new bikes and gear as well as just being able to talk bikes with like minded people. There are always new clubs and lots of ride and rally info to get you stoked for the season, not to mention the deals on gear.

For you Ontario riders check out these upcoming shows. Not in Ontario? Most shows in the offseason are a traveling motorcycle circus so hop on the ol google box and find a show near you.

Toronto Motorcycle Show
Motorcycle Spring Show

Work on your bike! 

There’s no better way to pass the time and feel connected to your bike than working on it. Use the off-season to really get to know your ride, whether its basic maintenance or the never ending job of adding to fast and or look cool parts! Even simple tasks like oil changes will help you understand how things work and give you a sense of pride in your machine.  If you’re not sure about tackling projects many cities have co-op or membership style garage spaces offering classes, advice and community to help you learn the basics or take on your first custom build. If you’re in the Toronto area check out for more info.

Trip Planning 

Carly and I love to spend time pouring over maps and looking for new rallies or rides. Having rides and moto events to look forward to really helps deal with the PMS and it’s a great excuse to get together with riding buddies, cracking a few beers and talking motorcycles. You don’t need to be planning a trip around the world (although we wish we were) we swap ideas on anything from day trips to weekend rides, cool roads we want to check out to long distance trips. Find something to keep your stoke level at 💯. It’s really about inspiration, as we prefer to travel without much of a plan, with motorcycles we find that no matter how cool the destination it’s usually the journey that makes the trip.

Here are a couple of events and rides we’re looking at for 2017. Let us know what you’re planning this year and maybe we’ll see you out there!

The Moto Social
Georgian Bay Run
Freedom Machines Show
The Bad Ride
Hogs For Hospice

Cool Moto link of the week

Here’s a link to check out for some rad motorcycle photography and culture to help with the winter blues #TheMotoFoto