Get Decked

Today was a big day for us, we installed a Decked drawer system in the truck! This was the first step towards setting up the Sierra to be a proper overland rig, and it feel like things are well and truly underway now. After countless hours spent surfing the web, watching YouTube videos and coming up with ideas for custom designed drawers (there’s a lot of cool rigs out there!) we settled on this system for a number of reasons.

We got super lucky the other day and found this system for sale on Kijiji for the same price or quite possibly less than it would have cost us to build one. In typical fashion for us that led to jumping in the truck for an impromptu 4 hour road trip to pick up the drawers, which in turn lead to some backroad exploring and a catch up with two of Ewan’s cousins who we don’t get to see very often, so a pretty awesome Saturday.

We’ve only just got it but we already LOVE our drawer system and we’re looking forward to getting out on the road and tweaking the outfitting and how we utilize the drawers. If you’ve spent time overlanding (or on a long road trip) you’ll know the importance of keeping gear organized and in its place and a drawer system is a life changer for our set up. Durability, weather protection, and ease of use were big factors in our decision and the Decked drawers tick all of those boxes, add in it’s 2000lb payload and you really can’t beat it! We immediately ordered a 4 pack of dividers and looking at a couple other accessories to up our storage and organization game.

Installation was fairly straightforward, I managed to do it solo as Carly was busy with Jax. It’s manageable on your own but two people would make install a breeze. I was going to make a video of the process but the fine folks at Decked have great ones on their website (with less cursing and dropping things) that you can check out. Instead I snapped a few pics of Jaxon inspecting the install.

Pro Tip: If you flip over the “ammo Can” lids in the corners of the system you have cup holders!

We’ll keep you updated as we tweak the kit out of the drawers and if you have any questions drop us a line! EW

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