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Learn to wrench your own ride


I love my motorcycle, I love riding my motorcycle, but I also love working on motorcycles. There is an incredible sense of satisfaction you get working on a bike. Wether it’s preforming basic maintenance like an oil change, or installing a new exhaust system or for the more advanced getting that project bike on the running, the knowledge that you did it you self makes the bike more than just a machine, it becomes a part of you   an extension of you.



Neither Carly or I are in any way, shape or form bike mechanics (find a good one and keep them close!) but we both love to spend time in the garage working on our bikes. Truth be told we prefer upgrading or style changes over maintenance but the end result is the same, when were done the next ride is always sweeter because you look at your bike and think, I did that!

If you’re looking to learn to do your own oil changes or how to handle some basic repairs in case of a break down but have no real experience working on bikes, first you’ll need to upgrade your wrenching skills.


The crew Moto Revere DIY Garage in Toronto can help.

Check out the courses they are offering over the off season, from basic maintenance to electrical it’s everything you need to get started taking care of your ride or maybe start that project thats been collecting dust in the garage! details here

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